Separation And Divorce Counselling

Separated couples can sometimes experience very intense feelings including anger, resentment, loss, shame, fear, rejection, betrayal, jealousy, sadness and guilt. Attending counselling assists separated couples process what has happened and sort through their issues. It can be very traumatic, especially when there is ongoing conflict about arrangements that need to be made.

Counselling gives an opportunity to discuss the changes that are happening as well as assist with the decisions that need to be made around child care, work, finances, and managing extended family relationships. It also allows parents to gain support for their children to understand and adjust to the separation.

Beyond Wellness Counselling Services will work with you to explore your options. If you have decided to divorce, counselling can assist you to make sense of it all and include guidance on how best to manage and communicate with each other, the children and other’s.

We work with you to deal with the grief and anger. Learning how to let go, allowing you to move on with a new sense of purpose and optimism.


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