Relationship Counselling

Relationships require education, commitment and open communication. Sometimes break downs occur and some extra guidance is needed.

Counselling can assist you recognise where your relationship is heading and assist you in considering your situation more objectively, enabling you to resolve issues and strengthen bonds with your loved ones. Our Counsellors can provide you with tools to create a stronger connection. Saving a relationship that is in crisis requires commitment from both parties but if two people are dedicated to the process it is possible for couples to emerge with a much stronger and healthier partnership.

If you have a partner who is not yet confident to come to counselling, one partner attending counselling on behalf of the couple can make a difference. Understandably, the process may move along faster if both partners attend. The good thing is with a little effort, particularly from both partners, your partnership can be healthy and long lasting.

Beyond Wellness has Counsellors who will assist you to build stronger communication skills with your partner.


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