Anxiety and Depression

Depression can be caused by things that happen to us in our lives that we don't cope with very well.

  • irritability
  • sudden outbursts of anger
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • sleep and appetite disturbances

These can all be signs and have a significant impact on your life and others even having you questioning your connection to life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, or are thinking about hurting yourself, it is vital to seek help.

Depression is characterised by excessive or long-term depressed mood which affects the person's life and is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety is an automatic, unconscious and very natural response to worrying situations.

Beyond Wellness Counselling Services will listen non-judgmentally to how you are feeling, discuss with you issues in your life that may be affecting your mental health and well-being, assisting you to identify and change unhelpful thought patterns, and offer you practical strategies.

Our Counsellors can develop a plan with the skills necessary to manage anxiety and depression so that it no longer controls you. We can assist you to calm your mind, settle your body, get some adequate sleep and experience well-being.


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