Career Counselling

At Beyond Wellness we work with you to help you in your career decisions. Sometimes wrong decisions are made and you feel like you are not enjoying your job. In order to be happy, it is important for every person to find their comfort zone so that they can face workplace pressure effectively.

There are many reasons for career counselling. You may be:

  • a student trying to decide what field of work to choose
  • a working professional who is unhappy in your current field of work
  • you want to change from your existing job to start a new path
  • you feel that you are unhappy in your chosen field of work.

Your work is a major part of your life and unfortunately quite often the pressures faced at work can impact on your home and family life too. The best way to lead a low stress life is to settle on a career that you enjoy. We can work with you towards that goal.

We are here to listen and provide you with skills for you to deal with workplace issues and make choices which are right for you.


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