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Why Counselling?

It is an opportunity to speak with a qualified person who will listen and who can work with new ideas and new ways of resolving a problem. It can be a relief to speak to someone who will be non-judgemental, independent of the situation, who will not demand that there is action on their advice.

People attend counselling for many reasons. Feeling that life is out of control, not sure how to cope. Professional guidance through counselling may be the answer.

People may be faced with problems they have little or no experience with. In some cases a situation has become so intolerable, that guidance is needed on how to proceed.

Sometimes, when dealing with sensitive personal issues, people find that talking to an impartial person assists them in gaining a better perspective than talking to a friend or relative.

Beyond Wellness provide a safe and confidential space where an understanding of how to successfully meet the challenges in life is explored. We will work with you as you explore different strategies for coping and managing your life challenges.


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