Addiction Counselling

Addiction is both a psychological and physical illness.

Dependency on an object or person becomes an addiction only when it begins to hamper your daily life. If you reach a stage where you cannot do without it, begin to crave for it or feel anxious when you don’t have it, it is advisable to seek immediate treatment.

One of the major hurdles in treating addiction is that addicts live in denial of their condition. The problem ceases to be his or her personal issue. The biggest victim is their family. If the problem is not solved quickly, the family could be ripped apart, leading to more heartbreak.

We understand the horrors and trauma that an addict’s family suffers. We also assist families come to terms with the addict’s condition and empower them with skills that helps them stay together in troubled times. Family can be the biggest motivation for an addict to quit.

If you or your loved one suffers from any kind of addiction contact Beyond Wellness Counselling Services. We can work with you to take back control of your life.


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