Intercultural Relationship

When two people establish a long-term intimate relationship there are always differences in "culture", and each side has to negotiate how much of their own family's culture needs to be put into the new relationship.

Counselling can assist you in managing your new environment or the environment of a recently arrived loved one. Beyond Wellness Counselling Services provides a space for couples and families to address patterns of interaction and communication that might limit their capacity for a productive and fulfilling life.

We address the special challenges that such relationships can pose and help couples begin to specifically address interfaith and intercultural issues while providing you with the skills and opportunity to resolve and manage these challenges before stress and conflict emerge.

Examples are:

  • Cross Cultural Marriages
  • Conflict within marriages
  • Communication difficulties because of cultural and language differences
  • Children of intercultural marriages

Migrants and refugees

  • Adjustment to Australian society
  • Couples facing social change and changing roles
  • Refugees / migrants coming to terms with grief and loss issues
  • Intergenerational conflicts and identity issues


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