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Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to make lasting changes & energy work to bring relief in a multitude of ways.

Through using the Hypnosis Techniques, Maureen will assist you to become very relaxed, to focus, and allow the processing of beneficial thoughts and images, that support the goals which you choose to attain.

Hypnotherapy can help people to change old behaviours and mental barriers to success, to increase confidence and self esteem, and to maximise their potential.

The mind has amazing power, using that power can enhance well-being and lead to a more joyful,confident and satisfying life.


Energy Healing

Maureen also offers Energy Healing, and Reiki, as specific energy modalities to bring peace & equilibrium to all levels of your Being. Energies replenish the life force, heal 'splintering' which occurs when we don't love ourselves, & change self destructive vibrations created when we criticize or dislike any part of ourself. It is a gentle balm for these times.

Energy Healing involves slow, upward sweeping movements of hands, at your back and front, focussing on any areas of need, without touch.

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