Hummingbird Massage  

If you need to recover from the stresses of daily life and need abit of YOU time, then come and see Joanna who is offering a massage service from our rooms in South Brighton.

Your experience will include soothing relaxing music and the use of essential oils while Joanna uses smooth, gliding strokes to help relax your body and mind.


All of this for only $60 for a 1 hour session.


Beyond Wellness Counselling Services on (08) 7231 0790

View Joanna's Facebook site here: Hummingbird Massage

Relaxation Massage Benefits:

Body: Alleviates stress and relieves muscle tension and stiffness, improves circulation of blood and lymph fluids, strengthens immune system function, enhances the health and nourishment of skin and improves the quality of sleep!

Mind: Helps to relieve mental stress, reduces levels of anxiety, promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness and fosters peace of mind and a perfect feeling of well being!

Spirit: An individual's spiritual state is also affected by the stress that person is going through. For anyone who has tried to meditate with emotional distress or sore muscles, it can be very hard to focus. When the mind and body is relaxed, the spiritual state should see a similar improvement. The body, mind and spirit affect one another!

Call Beyond Wellness Counselling Services on 08 7231 0790 today and make a booking with Joanna to see how it will benefit YOU.